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130. Warren Buffett & Charlie Munger: How Did They Meet?

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The friendship between Warren Buffett and Charlie Munger is one for the ages. It is also one of the most enduring friendships there is.

When they were young, they both worked for Warren Buffett’s Grandpa and Uncle Fred. Charlie Munger got a lot of love from Warren Buffett’s grandfather: tough love through grueling hard work at the grocery store! Did they meet there? No. They were six years apart.

They met through mutual friends. A side question here: have we ever laughed at our own jokes? Yes, we do sometimes. On that occasion, Charlie Munger found his own joke so funny that he was laughing on the floor.  Warren Buffett was known to have such antic as well. That seals the friendship. Well, if you want to be friends with Warren Buffett, try laughing on the floor at the Berkshire Hathaway’s Annual Meeting in Omaha. You can try but it might not work all the time.

Funnily, Charlie Munger helped Warren Buffett secure a US$100,000 investment before they even met. A gentleman invested US$100,000 without really listening.  Warren Buffett asked why to which the gentleman replied:  “Because you remind me of Charlie Munger”. Warren Buffett mused that he didn’t who Charlie Munger was but he liked him already.